Social research: 14 years of reliable, insightful data collection and analysis


We are a Social, Market and Educational Research Consultancy based in Bristol, UK. We provide strategic research services for National and European Government agencies, private sector organisations, the third sector, and to support academic research projects.

Timmus has been running since 2003. We design ways to collect reliable and valid data, including via online surveys, cognitive interviewing, and user interviews. We are proud to be a MRS (Market Research Society) Company Partner.

Clients include:

The Office of National Statistics // LSIS // JISC // North Lincs. County Council // Process Management International (PMI) Ltd. // SpilGames, Netherlands // University of Cambridge // University of Bristol // City University London // CeDARE // CUREE



We design, build and manage effective ways to collect reliable and valid data. We also analyse and present the findings using thematic (qualitative) and statistical (quantitative) methods.

In practice this usually involves online surveys, face-to-face or remote user testing and interviewing, impact evaluations, desk research, training or data analysis. Every job we do is different. Every solution is bespoke. One thing stays the same: we have a reputation for creating excellent deliverables and exceeding client expectations.


We have over twelve years’ experience of diverse research challenges, ranging from designing and analysing customer satisfaction surveys for the Office of National Statistics to evaluating the impact of £1.3 million pounds of funding in Further Education Colleges.

Current projects include designing well-being surveys for children in the UK care system, identifying ways to measure digital competence of schools across the EU, and analysing data about the evolving pedagogies of newly qualified teachers.

Here are some other examples of projects we’re worked on. Click on each to learn more about our bespoke solution to each client’s problem.